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Homework pros and cons

Debate whether or not students need homework assignments or not has led to several recommendations all over the country and the world. These concerns bear results like tutors starting to question the usefulness of homework to their students. Sure enough, there may be some positive impacts of homework, but it doesn’t rule out the negatives homework mat impact a student’s life. One significant example of the positives of homework is it sharpens a student academically. The negatives include denying students time to socialize or spending it in other engaging activities crucial for their development. Below are advantages and disadvantages of homework.

Advantages of homework (Pros)

  1. Creating a bond between learners and their teachers

Homework allows a student and their tutor to communicate the homework after submitting it. Here, they can discuss the student’s answers, look for alternative solutions or methods, and generally exchange ideas. This communication goes a long way in fostering how a student carries themselves when they become tomorrow’s adults.

  1. Homework unites families.

A student asks for help from parents or older siblings if they encounter a challenge in their homework. It makes the bonds in the family more reliable as it unites them against a common problem. It helps in better comprehension, as well.

  1. Practice makes perfect.

Academically, a student will boost their performance through regular and appropriate homework assignments. It gives them a chance to pursue higher education in learning institutions of their choice. Similarly, the more they study and revise through homework, the harder it will be to forget the concepts taught in class.

  1. Homework increases a learner’s responsibility.

A student acquires the ability to plan for their academics to beat the deadline for collecting homework. It goes a very long way to ensure the student is responsible for their actions and school performance as well.

  1. It helps parents gauge their kid’s performance.

Apart from end term results, parents can monitor how their child is fairing on in school by inspecting their homework. It helps them determine if they need extra help or if they are doing just right. They can also hire an assistant at Do My Homework 123 to get help whenever they need it.

  1. Creating an efficient communication network

Homework acts as a bridge between parents, teachers, and the school. This bridge allows for the useful communication link to the parties involved.

  1. Allows comfortability when studying

Many students may not feel comfortable at schools due to the nature of furniture or company from their classmates. At home, however, they can study well in a peaceful setup.

  1. Reducing screen time

Many students spend an average of 3 to 4 hours a day when they have homework. It encourages good study habits among students.

Disadvantages of homework (Cons)

  1. It’s stressful.

Adding homework to the 8 hours that a student spends in school could lead to stress among learners. It is even more stressful when a student didn’t understand the content taught in class and given homework.

  1. It deprives students of their social life.

Too much homework means that students get less time for social interactions and therefore means they may develop poor communication skills. Confining a student in their rooms to work on homework also means they don’t spend more time doing what they love, for example, play video games or go to the movies.

  1. Children may lose interest.

Excess homework pressures a kid’s growing brain, making them generally have negative attitudes towards these assignments and education. It is only natural to hate something that you have access to every day. Maybe taking a break once in a while will help them have a longing and enthusiasm to complete their assignments.

  1. Homework may lead to academic burnout.

A lot of students get too much homework, especially in junior high or high school. The result is often wearing them out and cause a complete burnout.

  1. Lack of effectiveness.

Many students may not finish or altogether do the assignments as they may outsource the work to their parents, siblings, or even the internet. Consequently, the teachers will be happy when students hand in their assignments but will not know if they did it.

  1. It is a challenge to enforce homework.

Well, performing students academically may not give much attention to homework as they see themselves as intelligent already. They may see homework as a waste of time.


The pros and cons all have different weights on this matter. What is your opinion? Do you think it is good to have homework or not?

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