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Revising for Exams: Top 10 Things to Remember

Doing exams is a must for students who are studying. Exams play a crucial part in the academic life of every student. For instance, if you want to advance your career, you must pass an exam before you move to the next academic level. Still, if you want to graduate, you must do exams and pass well to qualify for the graduation process. This guide highlights the best tips for exams that will enable a student to learn how to mentally prepare for a test and pass the exam well.

How long should you study for an exam?

When revising for exams, it is advisable that you have a schedule that will guide you on what to study at a given timeframe. The fact that you have an exam ahead doesn’t imply that you spend the whole day and night in books.

Besides, you need to take breaks as you revise as a way of increasing productivity. Therefore, taking breaks every 50 to 90 minutes while studying is a perfect plan to help you revise appropriately.

Things to do before an exam

This section describes how to get ready for a test and how to do well in exams using the practical tips highlighted below:

What to do the day before an exam?

As you prepare for exams, there are things you should do a day before the exams to prepare yourself psychologically and to be ready. Such things include:

  • Organize your exam materials

A day before exams is an appropriate time to check and organize your exam materials. For instance, pens, erasers, sharpeners, calculators, student cards, geometry (for math exams), and many other stationeries.

  • Review your study notes

While you’ve been studying all throughout the term or semester, you’ve been taking notes as you study. A day before exams is an appropriate moment to review the notes as a way of reminding yourself and refreshing your brain to remember the details.

  • Sleep well

During exam day, you will need to have a relaxed body and mind to enhance maximum concentration. That is why having enough sleep is crucial a day before the exams.

  • Eat healthily

Eating a healthy meal a day before exams will give your body the energy it requires and increase brain power, helping you to remember different concepts during exams.

  • Exercise

It is common for a student to feel stress and pressure just when the exams are around the corner. One great way to have your body calm and relaxed is to get involved in a physical exercise you enjoy the most.

What to do an hour before a test

When you have an  hour to do a test or an exam, do the following:

  • Stay positive

At this moment, there is n much you can do about studying. Instead of going through the books, spend the remaining time affirming that you’ve done the best and you are ready for the test.

  • Take a healthy breakfast

A healthy breakfast will activate your brain and energize your body, ready for the test ahead. Make sure to include fresh fruit to make your brain super active.

  • Avoid nervous people

One hour to an exam is a precious time that requires you to stay as calm as possible. Therefore, avoid groups or people who seem nervous, as they can impact you negatively.

  • Be on time

Spend the remaining hour of the exam to familiarize yourself with the exam location, then prepare yourself early to get to the exam room on time.

  • Do something different

Instead of studying for exams in the remaining one hour, you can opt to do some calming activities such as stretching, meditation, and deep breathing to relax your body and mind.


As a student, exams are inevitable. That is why preparing adequately for such tests is the only way to guarantee success. Here are some best practices to adopt as you prepare to encounter success in exams.

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