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Tried & Tested Chemistry Self-Teaching Tips

Are you struggling in chemistry? Would you like to learn chemistry self-teaching tips to help you master the subject? If your answer is yes, then this article is meant for you. We have significantly researched to bring you this article that provides tips on how to learn chemistry on your own and master it. The article covers all the stuff that you should pursue to pass on the subject. If you wish to improve in the subject, then this article is the key to your success.

What does chemistry entail?

The basic building blocks of chemistry are chemical elements. They are simply substances which are composed of tiny particles, commonly known as atoms. Periodic tables lists all the chemical elements with their:

  1. Symbol
  2. Atomic number
  3. Atomic mass

Hence if you wish to learn chemistry on your own, then this should be your starting point.

Different chemical elements merge to create chemical compounds, for example, carbon dioxide. Chemical compounds then combine to create more complex materials.

Chemistry branches

Chemistry contains 5 branches:

  1. Physical – Focuses on the molecule’s and compound’s physical nature
  2. Organic – Focuses on the composition, properties, and structure of substances containing carbon.
  3. Inorganic – Focuses on the structure, behavior, and properties of inorganic substances, for example, minerals and metals
  4. Analytical – Focuses on the composition and structure of natural and artificial materials.
  5. Biochemistry – Focuses on the chemical process that occurs within a living being.

With that in mind, you can divide your studies efficiently according to the parts that you deem more challenging. Different students find different branches challenging.

So how can you efficiently learn chemistry on your own?

Well, there are a couple of methods that you can use to efficiently learn chemistry on your own, which include:

Improve your mathematics skills

Chemistry entails a lot of formulas and equations. Hence you will need to sharpen your mathematics skills to improve in such areas. Ensure that you can efficiently solve logs or equations and solve some algebraic problems.

Focus on the following mathematics areas:

  1. Scientific notation
  2. Fractions
  3. Exponents
  4. Logarithms
  5. Algebraic equations
  6. Negative numbers

Core concepts firsts

To master the complex chemistry stuff, you must first understand the main concepts. Understand the chemical nomenclature, metrics system, and atomic structure first. Once you fully understand this concept, then chemistry will seem pretty easy to learn.

To efficiently master this concept, you can make use of:

  1. University websites – there are many campus websites that offer learning resources which you can use to master the chemistry core concepts
  2. Make use of local resources – there are effective guidebooks that you can use to learn the basics of chemistry. You can easily find these books at a local library or bookstore.
  3. Take notes – writing while taking notes helps you retain the information you learn for a long time. Hence ensure you take notes as you read.

Use flashcards for tricky and new concepts

Once you face a tricky concept that seems complicated to understand, make use of flashcards. When you use flashcards, you will find it easy to remember even the most complex concepts. You can also use the same method to learn and master the chemical elements.

Memory improvement methods

Use memory improvement methods to remember the things that you learn on your own effectively. You can, for example, relate chemical compounds to different fruits then visual them. Using these methods, you will find chemistry mastery easy to achieve.


Many students have this stereotype that chemistry is only for geniuses. However, any student can master chemistry, but only if they apply themselves. We hope that this article will help you improve on this subject.

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