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Avoiding Laziness: How to Study When You Don’t Want To?

We all have been lazy at some point in our lives. Therefore, if you are a student with feelings of being lazy, don’t worry because many other students suffer from the same. While there is no big harm in being lazy, students need to take precautions because laziness can impact their career or academic life negatively. That is why it is crucial to devise ways how to not be lazy to study.

As you keep reading this guide, you will learn how to not be lazy in school when you feel unmotivated to study to remain relevant in school and productive in your academics.

Why am I so lazy to study?

Are you feeling too lazy to study and wondering why? Below are some of the possible reasons:

  • A poor working environment will make you feel too lazy to do homework
  • Studying without set goals
  • Feeling hungry and tired
  • Lack of study materials such as textbooks, calculators, etc.
  • Complex assignments
  • The surrounding distractions
  • Too much work

These are among the many other reasons students often feel lazy while studying. However, let’s discuss how to study when you dont want to in the next section.

How to overcome laziness while studying

Having described things that make students unmotivated to study, below are some of the best practices that will make students learn how to stop being lazy in school and study effectively.

  • Eliminate all possible distractions

Distractions will always divert the student’s attention when studying, making them procrastinate the idea of studying. Some forms of such distractions include surrounding noise (such as people, television, or radio noise) and social media distractions such as notifications. Therefore, make sure that there are no distractions when you are studying to be more productive.

  • Create a schedule

Sometimes, a lack of a clear plan of what to study at a given time can make students unmotivated to study. Therefore, as a way of ensuring you are on your toes to study, create a personalized schedule based on the activities you have and ensure you stay disciplined to the set schedule.

  • Have goals you want to achieve

If you are wondering why you always feel lazy when studying, it may be because you don’t have goals and objectives you want to achieve. Having set goals will push you to look forward to studying effectively. Whether your goal is to pass exams or to advance your career, always have them in your mind t motivate you to study even better.

  • Ask for help

Is the task you are handling quite complex? Are you finding it difficult to finish the assignment you have on time? These could be among the reasons why you are feeling lazy to study. Therefore, instead of wasting even more time trying to think on your own, ask for expert help, and you will feel relieved in the end.

  • Get your study materials in place

It can be quite hard to study without the relevant materials and resources. For instance, doing math homework without a calculator can be a bit complex, making it hard for a student to continue with the task. Therefore, make it a habit to always have all the required materials in place before you begin studying.

  • Take breaks

Sometimes, studying throughout might not be a perfect plan because you might end up feeling exhausted and bored because of doing the same thing for hours. Therefore, as you study, take meaningful breaks to refresh your mind and to re-energize your body. This will enable you to be active as you study.


Are you a student who always has a tough time while studying? Use this guide to get the motivation you need to study better and smarter.

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