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8 Homework Hacks to Help You Do it Faster

Nobody loves homework. Having a tight schedule makes it even worse. Most students feel overwhelmed with little energy and time to complete it. Below are some helpful hacks to finish after-class assignments faster and with less stress.

Best Homework Hacks

  • Plan Your Assignment Well and Come Up with a List

Most students start doing their homework with no clear plan and without history homework helper, just taking the first book in their backpack. Sometimes the first subject that comes to their mind is what they do first. Calculate cumulatively the amount of time you need to finish the assignments by making a list of all the tasks you have or hire a reliable assistant to do everything for yi A list helps you move faster without taking breaks to decide which job is next. Crossing out the list after finishing an assignment makes you feel better as the list narrows down.

  • Place all Your Supplies and Homework Books on Your Working Space

While doing homework, students mostly notice that their paper has run out. They want to use a particular pencil or pen or need to use the calculator. But since you have your list of assignments, it’s easy to figure out what you require to complete the homework. Ensure you place them at your workplace for easy access when needed.

  • Work in a Quiet Space with no Distractions

It is vital to identify a workspace that has no interruptions like the TV. Working with the TV switched on makes homework time feel long and tiring. Identify a place with less distraction like movement and the TV and with less clutter. The earlier you finish your homework, the faster and the more time you get to enjoy other fun activities.

  • Keep Your Phone Off

The phone is one of the biggest distractions! Most students will not agree with this. But each time learners spend checking notifications and replying to text messages breaks their concentration. They end up spending more time on homework than any other thing. 

  • Put on Some Classical Music When Doing Homework

It might sound a bit impractical and unexciting. But, a classical song is soothing and brilliant for background music. It doesn’t have any beat or lyrics to disturb your concentration. Also, research has proven that learners who are classical music listeners perform better in school. 

  • Drink Water and have some Snacks 

Indulging straight into your homework after school might take you longer to finish. You are most probably physically and mentally exhausted. It is good to take a lot of water and some healthy snacks that are not heavy. It helps in refreshing your body and brain. Avoid sugary snacks like sodas and cakes because they will make you sleepy.

  • Take Brief Breaks while Doing your Homework

Doing a lot of homework with no breaks might slow you down because of mental burnout. Take short breaks after every assignment to stretch a little. Thus your brain will get refreshed. A five-minute break is enough time for a break to keep your body and mind going.

  • Give Yourself Incentives After Completing Homework

Getting a prize for finishing homework will make your work faster and keep your brain pumped up with energy. The awards can be playtime, getting to watch TV shows, getting ice cream, or having fun with friends.  


Homework is not a fun task. Still, we have to get it done anyway. Following the tips above will make it easier and fun to do.

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