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The 4 Common Types of Homework Practice

Every student has differing abilities when it comes to the learning process. The primary goal of homework is to re-enforce what was taught previously in the class earlier in the day. Anything outside what was taught in the classroom should not be included in the homework. If the protocol is followed by tutors; homework can be seen as a way of cementing what has previously been taught in the class.

We shall take a look at four types of homework. It follows the pattern described by the U.S. Department of Education.

1. Practice

This is the common type of homework that we see around us. It is the take home assignment given to students. The intention is to cement what the students have learned earlier in the day and it is also targeted at helping students master some specific skills. The key to success with this type of homework is practice.

The following tips will be of valuable help for the kids:

  • Learn from your mistakes. Get over missed test or class problems
  • Home should be seen as a necessity
  • Dig deep to understand the steps-especially in mathematics
  • Master the basic skills because they will be needed for more complex skills

2. Preparatory

This is the type of homework that introduces the students to concepts and the ideas that will be covered in the class in the near future. When students are made to learn vocabulary or to read a chapter in a text that is billed for discussion in the next class; they are undertaking preparatory homework.

Help to effectively execute this assignment:

  • Take note of the major ideas seen in the passage and bring them up in the class
  • Take down notes on areas of difficulty and ask questions on them the following day in class
  • Write down areas that are confusing for discussion the next day in the class

3. Extension

When teachers feel it is time to challenge the intelligence of their students; they give extension homework. It will give students the opportunity to apply what they are taught in the class to something new.

The following tips will be of help:

  • Students should be resourceful in tackling this problem
  • You will need a problem solving approach to the new and unfamiliar material
  • You have to think about concepts in different ways and through different angles

4. Integration

Here, students will be made to apply different skills to a single task. It might be on a topic based on book reports or on a larger project.

Here are helpful tips:

  • You are expected to keep milestones for multi-step milestones. You must plan thoroughly and effectively.
  • Get organized. It is a must to keep track of all information and research.

Final thoughts

The above represents the four divisions of homework according to the U.S Department of Education. When homework is based on the lessons learnt in the class or future attempt; it will be easy for students. That is the original concept that should be sustained.

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