Aiken Mid-Day Lions Club

Service Projects

Members of the Aiken Mid-Day Lions Club conducted vision screenings on children enrolled in the community’s Head Start Program on September 9 and 11. The Welch Allyn Vision Screener was used to evaluate the childen for potential refractive errors associated with poor vision, and referrals to eye care professionals were provided when needed. Students from Aiken Technical College’s Associate Degree Nursing Program helped with vision screening, and they also conducted hearing tests for the children.


Pictured seating (from left to right) are Lion Joanne Cadotte and Vice District Governor Pat Friday. Standing (from left to right) are ATC Instructor Katie Brown, with students Angela Thomas, Sarah Alexander, Linda Martens, Nick Haislip, Shayna Epperly, Charise Yannucci, and Desirae Druce. Lions Club members who also volunteered but are missing from the photo are Del Sharp, Anne Tabert, and Carol Paramore.

Little River Lions Build A Handicap Ramp

Service Projects

A happy crew during the building process; Lions Tom, Dave, Bruno, Nick, Ben & Marion.


Lions Bruno & Ben attach club logo after the railing were completed.



The above photos show Little River Lions recently constructing a handicap access ramp for a resident who’s mobility is enabled only by wheelchair or mechanical walker.  Access Ramp Building in the local community is the Little River Lions Club’s signature service activity.  The club averages budgeted construction of about 6 ramps per year for handicapped and deserving residents in Little River and Longs.  The club’s hands-on, ramp construction service includes materials and labor to provide home accessibility for disadvantaged occupants.  As club president, Lion Bruno Stepanski, states, “Where and whenever there is a need in our community, the Little River Lions Club sees it as an opportunity to Serve!”

“It needs to be stressed that our Little River Lions Club only builds ramps in the immediate area near Little River.  Because we are listed in the directory for, I get calls from all over South Carolina, North Carolina, eastern Georgia, and even a couple requests from Tennessee.  It breaks my heart to have to tell all of these callers, between 100-200 per year, that we cannot help them nor do I have someone to refer them to.  Ramp building would make an excellent service project for any Lions club in any state.  Keep in mind that ramps are an addition to a property.  Owners of the property and local code or building department people should be contacted and approve plans for ramps before construction begins.” Lion Marion Schroll, Secretary for the Little River Lions Club.

South Carolina Lions attend 98th Lions International Convention



Recently around 45 South Carolina Lions attended the 98th Lions International Convention. Besides all the traditional tourist destinations, luaus, and beach time, the Convention celebrated the end of “Growing the Pride” theme by IP Joe Preston. A parade kicked off the festivities, with marching units, bands, and floats. This year, South Carolina was Unit #25, so there was time to watch many of the costumed delegations come by at the end of the parade. Our unit was behind Scandinavia and Slovakia and in front of Spain. One evening Lions were entertained by lead singers from Journey and Jefferson Starship, leading up to an exciting performance by Kenny Loggins. A real flashback for music with Lions dancing in the aisles! Three large plenary sessions included Tim Shriver keynoting on Special Olympic, Carolyn Miles (Humanitarian Award winner) speaking for “Save the Children,” and the inspiring international flag procession. The last day’s plenary session included the change of international officers as well as the oath of office for the incoming district governors. Breakout sessions were offered in the afternoon on topics such as Leadership, Membership, LCIF, and Service Activities. Displays, staff resources, and vendors rounded out the convention center space. The new 2015-2016 Lions International President is Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada, a neurosurgeon from Japan. His theme will celebrate “Dignity. Harmony. Humanity.” and his emblem is an origami crane. This Lions year will continue the celebration of The Lions Centennial and the growth of Lions around the world. Let us continue to serve our communities, our state, and the world. “Where there is a need, there is a Lion!”

Columbia and Lexington Lions Club Help 4 Year Old

Service Projects


Jillian Nava is a happy 4 year old little girl that is losing both her vision and hearing. She was born with a very rare disease
that affects these two senses. The Columbia and Lexington Lions Clubs were contacted by Jillian’s mother, Carolyn Nava,
inquiring about the possibility of the Lions assisting her by purchasing a Braille Writer. Carolyn has been informed that Jillian
will be totally blind before she reaches high school. She began taking classes this year to learn to read and write braille.
There are braille writers at the school, but Jillian did not have the ability to purchase one to practice at home.
The two Lions Clubs immediately began work on this project. On July 21st, representatives of the Columbia and Lexington Lions
invited Jillian and her family to the South Carolina Lions offices for a presentation of her very own braille writer and a special
backpack for transporting it to and from school. Jillian was very excited as were her mother and brother.

More about Jillian’s disease.

Jillian has autosomal dominant optic atrophy (ADOA)-plus syndrome, which includes vision loss, weakness in the muscles that control eye movement, difficulty
with balance and coordination, hearing loss, disturbances in the nerves used for muscle movement and sensation, and muscleweakness.

In most cases, this mutation replaces the protein building block (amino acid) arginine with the amino acid histidine at position 445 in the OPA1 protein (written as Arg445His or R445H). It is unclear why the R445H mutation causes other features in addition to vision loss in affected individuals.  There is no cure for Jillian’s disease at the present time.

Old Website vs A Potential New Website


Here’s an overview of the video.

Part 1: The old website


1. Roughly 10,800 visitors visited over the past year.

1. After exploring the website data traffic we found that roughly 97% of total website visitors(9,960) left after they clicked once on the website.

2. Dropoff rate for the first page was 61.2%.  That means 6,610 people left the website before clicking anything.


3. Dropoff rate after their first click was a whopping 70.9%.  This only left 1,050 visitors.


4.  Only 295 out of 10,800 made it to a 4th click on the website.


5.  Problems with website include it being 3 website in one.  Too many choices for visitors tend to lead visitors to leave the website immediatlely.  Website is also very dated and doesn’t look very modern.  Website is not mobile friendly.  17% of traffic comes from mobile devices and tablet computers.  There is no way to really have new content on the current site.  Having fresh content is crucial for marketing purposes and google search results.

Part 2: A powerful and engaging new website at


1. A website needs several things to truly be successful.  It needs to be easy for people to navigate.  The design should tell the story of the organization.  It needs to have the ability to update content easily.  It also needs to have the perception of freshness of content.  It needs to be functional and fully working.  This new website fills those tasks.

2. will have between 10-15 links versus 90-100 in the current website.

3.  Will be mobile device friendly.  17% of our traffic comes from mobile devices.

4.  Ability to update content and also share on social media sites.  Posting blog entries to facebook, google+, twitter, etc will bring people back to our website with the ability to see more content.  This is very important to increase membership across South Carolina.

5. I believe this website is also a better way to represent our state on a global scale.

6.  The new website is build on WordPress.  Currently around 25% of ALL websites are built on this open source platform.  This will ensure content will carryover to new versions in the future.

Any questions?  Please email Ash at




Lions International Teams up with Special Olympics for “Opening Eyes”


Blythewood Lions were on hand at Fort Jackson on Saturday, May 2nd, for the Special Olympics
State Games. The Lions, accompanied by LEOs and many eye doctors from different areas of
the state worked together to screen 96 athletes. The athletes who need eyeglasses receive
them completely free, and those that don’t need vision correction receive great
sunglasses. This special program is called “Opening Eyes”, a joint partnership between Lions
Clubs International and Special Olympics. This was the 13th year that Blythewood Lions have
participated at Fort Jackson.
The Special Olympics-Lions Clubs International Opening Eyes Program began 2001. Since the
program’s inception, more than 350,000 athletes have been screened with prescription
eyewear provided to more than 110,000 athletes. To date, LCIF has awarded more than
US$13.3 million to Special Olympics for the Opening Eyes program, and pledged US$7.8 million
in 2013 to expand the partnership for five years.


Photo: Blythewood Lions, LEOs, Eye Doctors and their staff from across the state pose for a
quick photo before the rush of athletes begin.

Celebration of 80 years!


The Winnsboro Lions Club celebrated its eightieth anniversary with a banquet on Friday evening, May 22, at the White Oak Conference Center in Winnsboro. Formed on May 22, 1935, the Winnsboro Lions Club proudly celebrated their heritage of service. The guest international speaker was current International Director Kembra Smith of Atlanta. Lions from across the district and state were on hand to join in a wonderful evening celebrating 80 years of Lions’ service. Lion Ann Carr was presented with an International President’s Certificate of Appreciation. Lion Bill Jordan was awarded a Melvin Jones Fellowship. And two new members were inducted by International Director Kembra, strengthening the pride in Winnsboro for years to come!



Blythewood Lions Distribute Books to Students

Service Projects

Lions Bob Cox and Victoria Dixon-Mokeba shopped at Scholastic Books’ End of Year sale with a goal to purchase a book for every child at Carolina School for Inquiry (CSI) so that each child had a special book to take home for the summer. Together they purchased 187 books valued at over $2,000. Due to the special pricing they paid less than $150 for all the books! Lion Victoria shared that while they were shopping at Scholastic Books, the person serving them shared with them that her first pair of glasses were purchased by the Lions Club. The lady vowed to do anything to help others and to support Lions anyway that she could. Lions Bob and Victoria were touched by her story and hope that you are too! During the end of year awards event at CSI, Lion Bob along with Lion Mary Louise Resch (dressed as Doko the Lion) presented each child their very own book. There were even extra books to be added to the school library.