Little River Lions Build A Handicap Ramp

A happy crew during the building process; Lions Tom, Dave, Bruno, Nick, Ben & Marion.


Lions Bruno & Ben attach club logo after the railing were completed.



The above photos show Little River Lions recently constructing a handicap access ramp for a resident who’s mobility is enabled only by wheelchair or mechanical walker.  Access Ramp Building in the local community is the Little River Lions Club’s signature service activity.  The club averages budgeted construction of about 6 ramps per year for handicapped and deserving residents in Little River and Longs.  The club’s hands-on, ramp construction service includes materials and labor to provide home accessibility for disadvantaged occupants.  As club president, Lion Bruno Stepanski, states, “Where and whenever there is a need in our community, the Little River Lions Club sees it as an opportunity to Serve!”

“It needs to be stressed that our Little River Lions Club only builds ramps in the immediate area near Little River.  Because we are listed in the directory for, I get calls from all over South Carolina, North Carolina, eastern Georgia, and even a couple requests from Tennessee.  It breaks my heart to have to tell all of these callers, between 100-200 per year, that we cannot help them nor do I have someone to refer them to.  Ramp building would make an excellent service project for any Lions club in any state.  Keep in mind that ramps are an addition to a property.  Owners of the property and local code or building department people should be contacted and approve plans for ramps before construction begins.” Lion Marion Schroll, Secretary for the Little River Lions Club.

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