Overview of Why Vision Screening is Important

According to educational and vision experts, 80% of learning is visual. So if a child can’t see well, he can’t learn well. It is estimated that more than 40 percent of the brain is devoted to visual function (Dutton, 2006, pg. 4).1  Yet, most young children don’t get their vision screened until after age 5 when they have problems learning or paying attention in school. By then, it may already be too late. Unless vision problems associated with amblyopia lazy eye] are detected early and corrected, they risk becoming permanent by age 7.  Approximately 5% of all children in this age group will have amblyopia, a treatable disorder that can result in permanently reduced vision when not addressed by an early age. The screening devices detect risk factors for amblyopia, such as strabismus (eyes that cross or wander out), refractive errors (the need for eyeglasses) and unequal vision between the two eyes, and potentially even more serious issues such as cataracts and eye

It is very important to understand that the “Gold Standard” for eye care is a comprehensive eye examination with a dilated pupil (drops) by an optometrist of ophthalmologist. Vision screening is a public health process designed to identify those children with risk factors which need to be examined by a doctor. It is an attempt to get as many of children in need of professional care as possible into the eye care system.



Do you want to learn more?  Do you feel that a certification process would give us more credibility when talking to nurses and administrators about vision screening?   Lions KidSight USA has created a certification process and I would like to invite you to check it out.  This is not certification on how to conduct our vision screenings but why vision screening is so important.  Congratulation to Lion Hope MacBride and don Putro of Tega Cay, Lion Judy Scott of Columbia NW, and Lion Rick Pressly of Abbeville for successful completion of this Certification.  If you or someone in your club has completed the certification, please let me know and I’ll publish their name in this column.

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