Old Website vs A Potential New Website

Here’s an overview of the video.

Part 1: The old website


1. Roughly 10,800 visitors visited sclions.org over the past year.

1. After exploring the website data traffic we found that roughly 97% of total website visitors(9,960) left after they clicked once on the website.

2. Dropoff rate for the first page was 61.2%.  That means 6,610 people left the website before clicking anything.


3. Dropoff rate after their first click was a whopping 70.9%.  This only left 1,050 visitors.


4.  Only 295 out of 10,800 made it to a 4th click on the website.


5.  Problems with website include it being 3 website in one.  Too many choices for visitors tend to lead visitors to leave the website immediatlely.  Website is also very dated and doesn’t look very modern.  Website is not mobile friendly.  17% of sclions.org traffic comes from mobile devices and tablet computers.  There is no way to really have new content on the current site.  Having fresh content is crucial for marketing purposes and google search results.

Part 2: A powerful and engaging new website at southcarolinalions.org


1. A website needs several things to truly be successful.  It needs to be easy for people to navigate.  The design should tell the story of the organization.  It needs to have the ability to update content easily.  It also needs to have the perception of freshness of content.  It needs to be functional and fully working.  This new website fills those tasks.

2.  SouthCarolinaLions.org will have between 10-15 links versus 90-100 in the current website.

3.  Will be mobile device friendly.  17% of our traffic comes from mobile devices.

4.  Ability to update content and also share on social media sites.  Posting blog entries to facebook, google+, twitter, etc will bring people back to our website with the ability to see more content.  This is very important to increase membership across South Carolina.

5. I believe this website is also a better way to represent our state on a global scale.

6.  The new website is build on WordPress.  Currently around 25% of ALL websites are built on this open source platform.  This will ensure content will carryover to new versions in the future.

Any questions?  Please email Ash at alittle@sclions.org





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